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Al Majid and Innovation will promote the cooperation between E.A.U. and Romania

Innovation Travel Al Majid Travel DubaiAl Majid Travel and Tourism made, at the end of January, the first road show in Bucharest, Romania, meeting on January 29, at Capital Plaza Hotel in Bucharest, with more than 30 Romanian touroperators, journalists and bloggers. Al Majid Travel is the biggest travel and Tourism Company in Emirates, a company in the market for more than 35 years ago.

Al Majid Travel is a member of Juma Al Majid group which is also the biggest group of companies in Emirates. Starting from 2016, Al Majid Travel built a new strategy to introduce itself in Romanian market, given special attention for the mutual cooperation. The new plan was approved by Mr. Mohamad Saadeddine, Group CFO and member of Executive Committee of Juma Al Majid Group, considering Romania as an important target for travel & tourism but also for investment.Mohammad Saadeddine Al Majid Travel
The road show was made by Mr. Amer Ali Mohamed, the Al Majid Travel Director of Sales and Marketing for inbound & outbound, in cooperation with Innovation Travel, a Romanian company focused on travel services, events, publishing and public relations. The philosophy of the road show was focused on new travel & tourism products between the company and the Romanian government. During his visit to Bucharest, Mr. Amer Ali Mohamed signed a mutual Cooperation Protocol with the Municipality of Bucharest.
The Romanian touroperators were very interested in the flexibility of Al Majid Travel and in the offers focused on cultural tourism, honey moons, visiting all the Emirates and many others.
Al Majid Travel is also planning to make a lot of events in Bucharest at different levels, not only in travel & tourism. They also plan now to arrange a big event for import & export opportunities and for investment chances under the name of Romania and United Arab Emirates.
The number of Romanian visitors to U.A.E. raised a lot over the last years. In 2015, more than 50,000 Romanians visited U.A.E., especially Dubai. But the potential is higher. Through the cooperation between Al Majid Travel and Romania, for sure Dubai and generally, U.A.E., can Innovation Travel Al Majid Travel Dubaibecame one of the most important business partners of Romania, not only in tourism.
Romanians are very confident in cooperating with companies from U.A.E. and for sure, the exchange of tourists but also of the businesses between the two countries will dramatically increase.
Citizens of U.A.E. don’t need visa for arriving in Romania and also Romanians don’t need visa for arriving in U.A.E. The airline connection between Romania and U.A.E. is also very good, three companies operating many flights per week: Fly Dubai, TAROM (the national Romanian career) and WizzAir. Less than 5 hours flight separates two countries than can cooperate from this year as never before.
Al Majid Travel Amer Ali MohamedAl Majid Travel is also GSA for U.A.E. of TAROM – Romanian Airlines and for Tunisair – Tunis National Carrier. Al Majid Travel is very known for its quality offers for a lot of hotels in U.A.E. and especially in Dubai, but also packages for student education, English languages, training in tourism, couples holidays and honey moons.

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